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 just what u say for this

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just what u say for this Empty
PostSubject: just what u say for this   just what u say for this Icon_minitimeTue Mar 01, 2011 9:44 am


-Age(must be 15 to apply):15(going to 16


-Coder(yes/No):A little bit

-How active are you:Very active 3-6 hours on day=)

-Where do you live:Finland

-Background info about you:Ok, i live in finland i got good childerness and im a rich kid :l but still im fun having fun and i can do anything i want because my mom is millionaire (true) and i live with her and he really doesnt care what i do.. so i can play so much i want and go out with friends and i dont even need to go high school. =)

-Your Hobbies:Downhill biking, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing and little bit motorcross

-Tell us why you are applying:i am already mod but i just wondering to know what fox,0n y0ur mom or momiscool would say for this. To i apply for mod iv got 1 player to our server (coming) and another playing still.

-What you expect from the staff:I Dont rly know iv been in biggest servers admin/mod like RovaScape and CorruptionX and InnovationX and i quitted from all of them because there was too much players and now i want to play this untill people get it this is so good server and fox if u read this i would make a vid..
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just what u say for this
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